The ICML Retrospectives Workshop is about reflecting on machine learning research. This workshop builds upon the NeurIPS 2019 Retrospectives Workshop and encourage the exploration of a new kind of scientific publication, called retrospectives.

In conjunction with ICML, the workshop will be held virtually on July 17, 2020. Please see our schedule for details.

What is a retrospective?

A retrospective is written about a single paper, by that paper’s author, and takes the form of an informal blog post. The purpose of a retrospective is to answer the question:

“What should readers of this paper know now, that is not in the original publication?”

The overarching goal of retrospectives is to do better science, increase the openness and accessibility of the machine learning field, and to show that it’s okay to make mistakes. We are accompanying the workshop with the open-source release of a retrospectives platform on GitHub called ML Retrospectives, which will host retrospective submissions going forward after ICML 2020.

Confirmed Speakers

Anima Anandkumar
Caltech, NVIDIA
Bernhard Schölkopf
MPI for Intelligent Systems
Deborah Raji
Chris Madison
University of Toronto
Pascale Fung
Peter Henderson
Margaret Mitchell
Dani Yogatama

How do I submit?

We accept submissions through our OpenReview workshop site. Submissions can be from any subfield of machine learning or related fields of interest to the ICML community. The main goal of the workshop is to widen what is publishable in ML, and to introduce researchers to more public reflections of their work as part of an ongoing effort to disseminate scientific knowledge more effectively and openly.

Main deadline: May 17 23:59 Anywhere on Earth. Accept/reject notification will be sent out June 1st.

Late-breaking deadline: June 21 23:59 Anywhere on Earth. Accept/reject notification will be sent out July 1st.

Our CFP provides additional details on how to write and submit a retrospective.