NeurIPS 2019 Retrospectives Workshop Schedule

Friday, December 13 Vancouver Convention Centre West 114 + 115

Opening Remarks 9:00-9:10 Video (7:25)  
Invited Talk - Leon Bottou 9:10-9:30 Video (Talk 8:25, Q&A 25:45)  
Invited Talk - Melanie Mitchell 9:30-9:50 Video (Talk 29:10, Q&A 45:05)  
Invited Talk - Zach Lipton 9:50-10:10 Video (Talk 48:45, no Q&A)  
Coffee-break 10:10-10:25  
Meta-analyses 10:25-10:55 Video (1:00)
Invited Talk - Veronika Cheplygina 10:55-11:15 Video (Talk 37:53, Q&A 51:46)  
Panel 11:15-12:15 Video (55:45)  
Lunch 12:15-13:45  
Invited Talk - Emily Denton 13:45-14:05 Video (Talk 00:00, Q&A 20:10)  
Invited Talk - Percy Liang 14:05-14:25 Video (Talk 23:08, Q&A 44:30)  
Retrospective Lightning Talks 14:25-15:00  
Coffee+posters 15:00-16:00  
Invited Talk - David Duvenaud 16:00-16:20 Video (Talk 00:00, Q&A 18:05)  
Invited Talk - Michael Littman 16:20-16:40 Video (Talk 22:07, Q&A 40:15)  
Meetup-style brainstorming session 16:40-17:40 Video (43:25)  
Closing remarks 17:40-17:45  


A discussion with Yoshua Bengio, Joelle Pineau, Melanie Mitchell, Gael Varoquaux, and Jonathan Frankle.


All Meta-analyses are for 10 minutes.

Retrospective Lightning Talks

All Lightning Talks are for 5 minutes.

Description of the “Meetup-style” session at the workshop:

A large part of the advantage from hosting a workshop is to be able to leverage a diversity of expertise from the extended ML community and we believe that there is a way to do so that is very interactive and engaging via the proposed “meetup-style” session in the schedule. We believe there is a lot to be gained from getting feedback from a diversity of ML researchers and practitioners. With that in mind, this session is meant to be a facilitated discussion group that will bring together different stakeholders that can benefit from ML retrospectives. The aim of the session is to organically through discussion, around a prior set of questions, surface potential best practices and ways to improve the effectiveness and usefulness of ML retrospectives. We believe that this will be the genesis for a great community driven standard for improving the quality and dissemination of the research work that we all do. This session will be co-led by Abhishek Gupta, who has organized over 40 similar sessions through the Montreal AI Ethics Institute.

Proposed schedule for the one hour meetup-style session:

  • 0:00-0:05 Introduction, format and how the session will work
  • 0:05-0:10 Break out into small groups
  • 0:10-0:40 Facilitated group discussion around a set of motivating questions
  • 0:40-0:55 Short summaries from some volunteer groups
  • 0:55-1:00 Wrap-up

Here is a link for the inspiration for the session along with thoughts on the ethos behind it here.